Thu 29 Feb 2024


An acronym for Iranian Analysis of International Law, IRANIL is a research and studies, non-governmental, independent and academic-oriented website in which Iranians approaches to Iran-related international and national affairs are analyzed from an international law perspective.

Generally, IRANIL observes the following goals:

  1. To produce Iranian literature of international law, and reflect the opinions of Iranian professors, practitioners, researchers, and students;
  2. To republish essays and reviews of Iranian professors, practitioners, researchers, and students which have already been published on the other authentic and well-known websites such as EJIL: Talk! and Opinio Juris;
  3. To support, promote and scrutinize Iran's foreign policy on the basis of international law;
  4. To analyze and review the international law-based actions or decisions taken against Iran by other states and international organizations;
  5. To reflect the opinions of non-Iranian professors, practitioners, researchers, and students about Iran in order to review their opinions;
  6. To introduce eminent and well-known Iranian professors of international law dedicated their whole life to Iran’s progress in international law and collecting their writings in order to appreciate their efforts and save their legacy.
  7. To broadcast the international law-related news.





Editorial Board:

Hamideh Barmakhshad (Ph.D. in International Investment Law)

Ladan Haririan (Ph.D. in International Law)

Alireza Ranjbar (LL.M. in International Law) 


Contributing Expret:

Ehsan Amin (LL.M. in Maritme Law)

Hamed Amin (LL.M. in Maritme Law)


Advisory Board:

Pouria Askary (Assistant Professor of International Law)

Hadi Azari (Assistant Professor of International Law)

Ali Garshasbi (Ph.D. in International Law)


* We are working together in our personal capacities. 


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